CAD Transformations

Each drawing object has an associated 4 x 4 matrix which is used to position, rotate and scale the object.

The transform property is located in the object property window for the selected objects(s).

Click the [...] button to the right of the Transform property to open up the transformation editor dialog.

Transform property

Transformation Matrix Dialog

Values can be entered into the matrix directly or a number of helper buttons can be used.

To rotate, scale or translate, select the required operation from the Transformation drop down list, select an Axis that the transformation applies to and an amount, then press the Apply button.

For rotations, the positive Z axis is coming out of the screen towards you. If you place your right thumb in the positive Z direction, your fingers will curl in the direction of a positive rotation about the Z axis. This right hand rule applies to rotations about all the axis.

Multiple transformations can be applied as along as Apply is clicked between each.

To reset the transformation matrix, click Identity.

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