CAM Templates

To avoid having to repeatedly changing machining operation parameters, CamBam uses a system of templates.

The tool bar contains a drop down list containing all the machining templates available.

When a new machining operation is created, it inherits all the properties from the currenltly selected CAM template.

To create a new template, type a new name in the template selection list and press enter.
The program will prompt : 'Create new template '...'?'
To create a new template, respond 'Yes' at the prompt. 'No' will rename the current template and 'Cancel' will do neither.

To apply a template to an existing machine operation, right click the machine operation in the drawing tree and select Apply Template to MOP.

To copy a machining operation's properties to the current template, right click the machine operation in the drawing tree and select Copy MOP to Template.

The current template's properties can be editted directly by clicking the word 'Template' to the left of the drop down list on the toolbar.

The CAM templates are stored in an XML file, which by default is located at %APPDATA%\CamBam\CAMTemplatesPro.xml
Where %APPDATA% is the location of the current user's Application Data folder.
Typically : 'C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\'

The location of this file can be changed by changing the CAMTemplateConfigFile property under Tools - Options.

Warning! Care should be taken when changing the CAMTemplateConfigFile option as any existing template files at that location will be overwritten when the current copy of CamBam is closed.

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