15 August 2011 Language Translations


CamBam is being translated to a variety of different languages. This plugin can be used to modify the language data files, which contain translations for text used within the main CamBam application.

See also : CamBam Language Translation Reference


download Translations.zip (182 KB)


To install the plugin, unzip Translations.dll into the CamBam plugins folder.
The GoogleTranslateAPI.Net20.dll and Newtonsoft.Json.Net20.dll files need to be copied into the parent folder (ie, where CamBam.exe is located).

If the installation is successful, you should see a new entry: Translations in the CamBam plugins menu.


Selecting the Translations plugin menu shows a table of the translation information. The right most column is the translation and can be modified directly in the table. Double clicking a value will open up a multi-line text editor which may be easier.

If the translation value is blank, this entry will need an entry adding. In these cases, CamBam will use the English phrase. The Flag Untranslated tick box at the bottom of the plugin form will prefix the unstranslated English with an exclamation mark '! ', which can make it easier to spot text that still needs translating in the user interface.

Right clicking the table shows a context menu:

  • Google Translate (Selected Only) - will translate the currently selected row only (and overwrite any existing value)
  • Google Translate (All) - will translate all entries that have a blank translation.
  • Cache all Resource Strings - populates the translation data table with many strings used within CamBam.
  • Clean Resource Strings - removes duplicate translation entries that are the same as resource string translations.

NOTE: The automatic Google translation options sometimes fail if you exceed their useage limits. If this happens, press continue and try again later.

The translation table can ‘learn’ new phrases. If CamBam encounters a translation request it hasn't seen before, a new entry will be added to the table with a blank translation.

If you change the translation table, some text (such as menus) won't change immediately and will only be updated when CamBam is restarted. Changing the 'Flag Untranslated' marker may also need a restart to take effect.

The translation tables are saved when CamBam closes, or when Tools - Save Settings is used. You can find the data files using the Tools - Browse system folder menu option. The data files are backed up before overwriting by CamBam, but it would be a good idea to take backup copies if you are doing a lot of changes.

The language data files are tab delimited text files.
The first row is a header row.
Each following row contains three columns:
Column 1 is a key value. This may be an English phrase or an identifier used in the program.
Column 2 is the English expression. If this is blank, the English expression is the same as the key value.
Column 3 contains the translated phrase.


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#  Unto Lehtinen (ncvaari 06/11/2016 19:11:44
I have made CamBam's Finnish translation and i were quite a time concerned about a queer problem. There are in language plugin table rows "Version is up to date" and "VERSION_UP_TO_DATE". The problem was that they appeared second time amonst W-beginning words after the row "Waterline ..." The translation of those rows didn't remain, either, from CamBam's shutdown to next start. And if you tried to give translation to those ghost rows you got usually an error situation. Then i were occosinally checking CamBam's options and erroneusly thought "Check Version At Start" meant language. The default value is True and i changed it to False.
After that the problem vanished. The ghost lines disappeared and the translation of original rows survived!
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#  Jan Carlsson 29/09/2017 16:55:19
I found and corrected a tiny fault in the Swedish language pack.
The English word "cut" was wrongly translated to the Swedish word "kopiera" (copy).
The correct Swedish translation of cut should be "Klipp ut"
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#  10bulls 05/10/2017 09:50:43
Thank you very much Jan!

I have corrected that and uploaded a new Language pack.
Use the Tools - Reload latest translations CamBam menu option to update the translation files.
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#  bernard côté 26/02/2019 16:26:35
est'il possible d'instaler des plugin avec la version d'évaluation de cambam sous windows 10 j'ai essayer de le faire et ça ne fonctionne pas
merci pour votre attention!
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#  10bulls 01/03/2019 15:17:22
Windows 10 a ajouté un nouveau système de protection.

Vous devez d’abord télécharger le plugin .DLL dans un dossier temporaire.

Cliquez avec le bouton droit sur le fichier .DLL dans l'explorateur Windows et affichez les propriétés.
Au bas des propriétés se trouve un message de sécurité "Ce fichier provient d'un autre ordinateur et peut être bloqué pour protéger cet ordinateur".

Cochez l'option 'Débloquer' puis appuyez sur OK.

Maintenant, copiez la DLL dans le dossier des plugins CamBam.
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#  salah 26/08/2023 17:39:48
ddsvvde verf
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