14 January 2017 Language Translations


CamBam is being translated to a variety of different languages.

As of CamBam version 0.9.8K you will be prompted for your preferred language at the time of installation.
The program will then attempt to download a language data file from the main CamBam website. If a data file is not available for your language, please check this page for updates.

The language setting can be changed at a later date using the Language property in System - Configuration.
CamBam will need to be restarted for the new language change to take effect!

It is still early days in the translation process. We are piloting the system using French and German translations but plan to release new translations soon. I am enormously grateful to David (dh42) and Ralph (pixelmaker) for their hard work on the French and German translations.

Translations of the user documentation are also in progress. These will initially be available from the online documentation section, with instructions on how to install this information locally coming soon.

We aim to provide manual translations of most key languages, but initially automatic translations may be used. These will be indicated in the status list below.

We would really appreciate your help!

If your preferred language is not currently available or has been poorly translated using the automated routines, you are familiar with the concepts in CamBam and CNC in general, and you would like to get involved we would love to hear from you.

For keen and eager translators, a language translation helper plugin is available for anyone to download here:

Language Data Files

Translation data is stored in a text file located in the CamBam system folder. Use Tools - Browse system folder to navigate to this location. The data files are of the format : 'translate_' where is the standard language code as listed below.

The selected language data file will attempt to be downloaded after installation. If this fails or you want to make sure you have the most up to date translations, this data file can be downloaded using the Tools – Download latest translations menu option within CamBam.

Language Status

To manually install language data files from the table below, download, then unzip them to the CamBam system folder.

Language Code Updated Status Downloads
English en Default CamBam language
Arabic العربية
ar 2013-11-04 Program and documentation translations thanks to Muhamad Ayham Ahmad. translate_ar.zip
Danish Danske
da 2013-10-22 Program and documentation translations thanks to Torben Vandborg. translate_da.zip
Deutsch de 2012-11-29 Program and documentation translations thanks to pixelmaker. translate_de.zip
Dutch Nederlands
nl 2013-10-17 Program translations thanks to Marko Bouman. translate_nl.zip
Español es 2012-02-13 Program translations thanks to Frank Martin. translate_es.zip
Finnish fi 2017-01-14 Program translations thanks to Unto Lehtinen. translate_fi.zip
Français fr 2017-01-12 Program and documentation translations thanks to dh42. translate_fr.zip
Italiano it 2013-05-18 Program and documentation translations thank to Pietro Roberto Chiricò. translate_it.zip
Korean 한국의 ko 2012-04-14 Program translations thanks to rgo5960. translate_ko.zip
Polish Polski
pl 2015-08-18 Program translations thanks to Grzegorz Hoga, Ariel Szeloch. translate_pl.zip
Português Brasileiro
pt_BR 2011-08-11 Program translations thanks to lazer.
Swedish Svenska
sv 2012-12-09 Program translations thanks to lebellmek. translate_sv.zip
Turkish Türk
tr 2012-03-30 Program translations thanks to Eyüp. translate_tr.zip
Albanian Shqiptar
sq 2011-09-19 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_sq.zip
af 2011-09-13 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_af.zip
Belarusian Беларуская
be 2011-09-20 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_be.zip
Bulgarian български
bg 2011-09-13 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_bg.zip
Catalan Català
ca 2011-09-20 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_ca.zip
中國 (簡體)
Chinese (Simplified)
zh_CN 2011-07-29 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_zh_CN.zip
中國 (繁體)
Chinese (Traditional)
zh_TW 2011-09-19 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_zh_TW.zip
Croatian Hrvatski
hr 2011-09-17 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_hr.zip
Czech český
cs 2011-09-13 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_cs.zip
Estonian Eesti et 2011-09-13 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_et.zip
Filipino tl 2011-09-13 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_tl.zip
Galician Galego gl 2011-09-20 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_gl.zip
Greek ελληνικά el 2011-09-17 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_el.zip
Haitian Creole kreyòl ayisyen ht 2011-09-20 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_ht.zip
Hebrew האיטי עברית iw 2011-09-19 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_iw.zip
Hindi हिन्दी hi 2011-09-13 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_hi.zip
Hungarian Magyar hu 2011-09-13 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_hu.zip
Icelandic Íslenska is 2011-09-18 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate__is.zip
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia id 2011-09-18 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_id.zip
Irish na hÉireann ga 2011-09-20 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_ga.zip
Japanese 日本 ja 2011-07-29 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_ja.zip
Latvian Latvijas lv 2011-09-19 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_lv.zip
Lithuanian Lietuvos lt 2011-09-17 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_lt.zip
Macedonian македонски mk 2011-09-17 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_mk.zip
Malay Melayu ms 2011-09-19 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_ms.zip
Maltese Malti mt 2011-09-19 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_mt.zip
no 2011-07-29 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_no.zip
Persian فارسی
fa 2011-09-19 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_fa.zip
pt 2011-07-29 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_pt.zip
Romanian Român
ro 2011-09-13 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_ro.zip
Russian русский
ru 2011-09-13 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_ru.zip
Serbian српски
sr 2011-09-18 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_sr.zip
Slovak slovenčina
sk 2011-09-19 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_sk.zip
Slovenian slovinský
sl 2011-09-13 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_sl.zip
sw 2011-09-19 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_sw.zip
Thai ไทย
th 2011-09-19 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_th.zip
Ukrainian Український
uk 2011-09-20 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_uk.zip
Vietnamese Việt
vi 2011-09-19 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_vi.zip
Welsh Cymraeg
cy 2011-09-20 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_cy.zip
Yiddish ייִדיש
yi 2011-09-20 Automatic translation! Unchecked! translate_yi.zip


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#  Certified Translations 19/03/2015 17:11:44
Thank you for taking the time to translate this for us. This is brilliant news!

[url=https://dhctranslations.com/]Translations Manchester[/url]
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#  Winandy Hubert 01/01/2016 20:23:37
Guten Tag.
Mein Nahme Hubert ich bin Elekztoniker von Beruf mit Meisternrief und seit 1958 Amazeurfunker,habe 40 Jahre im aussenduenst gearbeitet un mir eine Fraes selbstgebaut Elejtronik von CNCStep auch selbst zusammen gebaut funkioniert ausgezeicnet derzeit mit kcam als Sofzware und Qrbeite mit AUTOCAD 2002 bis Dato ohne probleme habe aus Autocad mit BOCNC in gcode umgewandelt ist Kompliezirt
geht aber.Hoffe mit CAMBAM die selbe freude zu haben.

Vielen Dank von Winandy Hubert aus Luxemburg und noch schoenes und gutes neuesjahr 2016.
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#  mhd 04/03/2016 07:34:53
thank you
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#  cleber de oliveira gonçalves
23/10/2017 20:41:14
programa 3d muinto bom exelente CAMBAM
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#  AURELIO CARREREO 12/01/2022 14:57:17
Hola, la traducción al español no esta disponible?
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