30 September 2011 Sloped Lines VBScript


This script was created in response to query on how to generate a toolpath for a slot that slopes along the Z axis.

The script will generate a sequence of polylines that can be used as the source for an engraving operation.

The script was extended so that it can also produce a series of parallel sloped lines to machine a sloped surface.

The following parameters are used to control the script:

x1, y1 : The coordinates of the first control point.
x2, y2 : The coordinates of the second control point.
Target Depth : The deepest Z coordinate of the slot or surface.
Depth Increment : The maximum depth per cut.
Width : The width of the surface to cut. Use 0 to machine a slot. The tool diameter is not taken into account.
Stepover : The distance between each parallel cut for a surface.

Once the polylines are created, select them all, then insert an Engraving machine operation.

The engraving operation should have Target Depth set to 0 and Optimisation Mode set to None, so that the machining operation will follow the source polylines exactly, in the order they were created.


sub main
	' First line point
	dim x1 as double = 40
	dim y1 as double = -20

	' Second line point
	dim x2 as double = 60
	dim y2 as double = -30

	dim TargetDepth as double = -5
	dim DepthIncrement as double = 0.4
	dim Width as double = 10
	dim Stepover as double = 0.7

	dim z as double = 0

	dim v as Vector2F = new Vector2F(x1-x2,y1-y2)
	dim vunit = v.Unit()
	dim vnorm = vunit.Normal()

	dim px1, px2, py1, py2 as double

		z = z - DepthIncrement
		if z < TargetDepth then z = TargetDepth

		dim w as double = 0

		dim l as double = v.Length * Math.Abs(z) / Math.Abs(TargetDepth)

			dim poly as polyline =new Polyline()
			px1 = (x2 + vunit.X * l) + vnorm.X * w
			px2 = x2 + vnorm.X * w

			py1 = (y2 + vunit.Y * l) + vnorm.Y * w
			py2 = y2 + vnorm.Y * w

			poly.Add(px1, py1, 0)
			poly.Add(px2, py2, z)

			if w = Width then exit do
			w = w + Stepover
			if w > Width then w = width

		loop while w <= Width
	loop while z > TargetDepth

end sub


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#  Steve Wolodkin 23/08/2016 22:07:11
I've been evaluating CamBam and I'm going to purchase a license. It would be advantageous to me to have Ramping as a supported milling strategy. What would it take to alter the Sloped Lines VB Script to accomplish this?

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