CamBam Scripts

Using CamBam Scripts

The articles in this section may contain example of user scripts. To use this code, use the Script - New - VBScript/JScript menu option from within CamBam. Then copy and paste the example code into the script editor window, replacing any default script text.

To run a script, with the cursor in the script editor window, press F5. Some scripts will operate on selected drawing objects so you may need to select them in the drawing window then click back to the script editor to run the script.

Script errors and informational messages may be displayed in the output message pane at the bottom of the main CamBam window. Double clicking error messages should bring that line of the script into focus.

A number of example scripts are provided with the CamBam installation. These can be found by selecting the Tools - Browse system folder menu option then navigating to the scripts sub folder.

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